Working Together to deliver Business IT Advantages

We Provide:
• Guidance in choosing the right technology
• Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for a small business to
Enterprise Level applications at an affordable price
• Technical expertise in enabling business growth at a
lower cost

About Similitude

Similitude Consulting Service (SCS) is an IT Team providing on
demand analysis and services
• We provide clients with IT expertise which reduces startup costs
• We build and provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to solve
business challenges such as: payment processing, payroll services,
Point Of Sale (POS), appointments, and scheduling among other
You have the vision, we are here to provide you the cost-effective
technology answers. We are your partner in business.

Similitude Consulting Service (SCS)

Similitude Consulting Service

SCS provides IT assistance to clients who are seeking advice
and direction in implementing new technology, or assistance
in analyzing and reviewing existing technology. In the world
of Information Technology, we are here to provide the
direction to take. Get expert on demand advice whenever

Similitude Consulting Service

We will:
• Target specific IT needs and ensure business goals are
met on time
• Determine if an IT upgrade or new software system is
• Deliver cost-effective project procurements without the
need of hiring a term In-House IT Consultant
• Provide IT success with the best quality of service

Similitude Consulting Service

SCS provides:
A cost-effective advantage for a business and organization
to devote more time in handling daily operations while
focusing on building its brand.

Similitude Consulting Service

Let SCS take care of your IT needs

Team Similitude

We are:
• A team of experts working directly with you and for you
• The on demand outsourcing solution for our clients
• Developers of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing and
communication solutions helping our clients gain
visibility .

Lan Pham

David Merritt

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